Hey! I’m Catherine....

Welcome to this special place I designed with you in mind. It’s a place where I hope you will come to feel inspired, feel happy, feel delighted, and most of all, feel beautiful. I see beauty everywhere and in every person, and I want you to see it, feel it and believe it, too – especially about yourself.

My original plan for this site was that it would be primarily about fashion, but I quickly realized I want to explore so many other things with you. I want to take you on a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful places in the world and share with you some of the tastiest dishes I’ve discovered in my travels. I want to show you ways that you can create ‘little luxuries’ for yourself. I want to talk with you about fashion and beauty for real women, not the ones we see on the runway and the ads and even on “street style” pins. I want you to know that even on the days you don’t feel pretty, you are beautiful, no matter what.

I’ve been styling and wardrobing women for over 20 years. What began as an offer to help a friend turn her living room into a showroom for her CARLISLE trunk show turned into the most fun fashion career I could have ever dreamed of. This friendly offer opened the door for me to have my own agency as a consultant for the direct sales clothing brand, ETCETERA. I’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of women over these 20 years, helping them build their wardrobes, their confidence, and their style. It gives me such joy to help women find what makes them feel beautiful, happy, stylish, smart.

My association with ETCETERA has offered many opportunities beyond my in-house boutique in Montgomery, AL. Shortly after opening my agency in 2001, I made another offer to ‘help out’, but this time it was an offer I made to ETCETERA.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was a presenter/trainer for the company traveling all over the country training the field on the new seasonal collections. This snowballed into much bigger projects in merchandising and marketing, and New York City became my stomping ground as I traveled there for work at least once a month for many years. I’ve been fortunate to experience so many aspects of fashion from conception of an idea to delivery of the product.

In March 2020, all of that travel and work came to a crashing HALT…yes, COVID changed everything. I’m still working with my clients in Montgomery, and I’m still training and creating content for ETCETERA, but it is all from my home office now.

When I found myself at home with a little more time on my hands, I decided to finally dive into a project I’ve been dreaming about for a long time – – this website.

So here I am. I’ve broadened my reach, and I‘m finally sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. I hope that this will be a happy place for you to visit and that you will pick up a few new ideas on style, beauty, travel, food and so much more. There are lots of shopping opportunities for you, too, so I hope you will reach out if you have questions or want to work with me.

A few things you might like to know about me…

I love the Lord. He is the defining factor in all that I am, and I am still growing and striving to become the person He designed me to be.

I love Hampton (HH), my husband of 28 years and our three lovely 20something children.

I love to travel and explore. I don’t really care to have an itinerary or an agenda. I just like to ‘set out’ and discover.

I am a Celiac. I’ve been living the gluten free life for over 15 years. You wouldn’t believe how it has opened my mind and changed my relationship with food.

I am a nature lover. I cannot get enough of the beauty and the glory of this world in which we live.

I see beauty everywhere, especially in you.