Close up of Catherine Hook in a red dress in front of bushes

Designer Bill Blass famously said, “When in doubt, wear red.”

I think he was on to something. 

How many times have you needed the perfect outfit for a presentation or a party or maybe even a first date? Perhaps you’ve needed a little extra confidence. You’ve wanted to make a memorable and positive impression…

And how many times have you ended up relegating your look to basic black?

Sure, that all-black look can get a lot of mileage, and yes, you probably looked amazing in it, but consider this…..

Red is a Powerful Influencer

“Red is arguably the most vibrant color on the color wheel,” according to It boosts your energy and your confidence. It is bold and attention-getting and projects an image of action, excitement and power. Not only does red project that image to others, but I believe it induces that feeling on the wearer and sways her behavior…in a really good way!

I’ve heard that sports teams perform better when they’re wearing red jerseys. Some have said that people driving red cars drive faster AND that they get more speeding tickets! And others suggest that women wearing red lipstick are more likely to get noticed by men than their friends wearing nude shades, (and believe me, I’ve personally experienced this one.) Talk about attention getting!

Who knows if any of this is really true, but it’s fun musing about it.

No matter what they say, I do love the color red, and I believe it is a very complimentary color for most complexions. I encourage you to try it next time you need a little boost or next time you have a special event to attend.

Red is Festive

Speaking of special events, the holidays can give us a good excuse to wear red. Red is traditionally known as a festive color and is associated with all things Christmas, so why not follow Santa’s lead every year and don your favorite red look with all the trimmings? I know Christmas parties and gatherings looked a little different this year, but I hope you wore that red sweater or blouse for the virtual office party or that fabulous red dress for the intimate but festive cocktail party with friends – and by all means, I hope you wore red if you were the one hosting the party!

I’ve linked below a few lovely ideas for you to try just in case you don’t have any red in your wardrobe. You’ll be happy to know some of these items are on sale! The dress I’m wearing is sadly no longer available, but I’ve linked something similar.

If full-on red is a little too much for you, no problem. I’ve always believed red accessories add the perfect touch of flair to almost any outfit. And in their own subtle way, they add that extra little shot of confidence. Linked here are a few of my favorites.

Any way you cut it, red is a powerful enhancer and a timeless hue that’s simply irresistible. Why not? Go for Bold and wear red!

Thanks for reading!