When In Doubt, Wear Red

Close up of Catherine Hook in a red dress in front of bushes

Designer Bill Blass famously said, “When in doubt, wear red.” I think he was on to something.  How many times have you needed the perfect outfit for a presentation or a party or maybe even a first date? Perhaps you’ve needed a little extra confidence. You’ve wanted to make a memorable and

The Comfortable and Versatile Dress We All Need Now

Don’t we all just want to be comfortable these days? Yes, because we all agree comfort is key, but remember style is, too. Lately, I’ve been working on some projects for ETCETERA. I’ve been spotlighting Must-Haves of the Season and What We All Need Now. Obviously our needs and our wardrobes have

The Secret to Looking Instantly Chic without even Trying

Hello, Lovelies! I hope you’ve been enjoying a wonderful weekend. Whether you wanted to knock out a few projects that have been hanging over your head for awhile, or you just wanted to relax, I hope your weekend was a really nice departure from your regularly scheduled week.  Hampton and I carefully